Then next day Eric drove me and some other folks from NO to Austin.

Dano from Vincent Black Shadow facing off with the three-legged dog outside the Monitor Records house.

A big thank you goes out to Foster from Monitor for putting together great shows and helping put a roof over all our heads.

The New Flesh and VBS played the patio of the Monitor/Baltimore party along with The Deathset, Indian Jewelry and a host of other bands including Yeasayer, who have maybe my favorite sound from the whole of SXSW.
The Deathset

Day 2

Francesco, Eric, and I headed out relatively early to eat some breakfast tacos and catch Ladyhawk. I think I am a year or so slow to pick up on them, but they are straight up and down amazing and super nice guys as well.
Francesco and I then went downtown to official SXSW area, which is kind of a nighmare, to drink some adult sodas and talk to friends. Many sodas later we walked over to the Vice party and snuck in to see Turbonegro.
The line to get in was stupidly long so Francesco and I just walked through the backstage area like we owned the joint to get in without waiting.
Adam from VBS with his ladyfriend, Dana, at the Vice party.
Turbonegro, ehh.
We then got in the van with Karina and the whole Pony Pants gang and rode back into town.
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Here are some more New Flesh and VBS pictures from the Heart Break Beat showcase.

Day 3

The view from the couch I slept on which was a serious upgrade from the hardwood floor the previous night.

Eric then took Francesco and I out to some delicious BBQ.

Then back to San Francisco.